Cheap Replica Omega De Ville Series Big Dial Leather Strap Watches UK

This sure isn’t an Omega cheap replica watch UK you see every day. In fact, I am not even sure how widely watches like this square cased De Ville X2 are sold in America. This piece is only a few years old and comes in a few versions – I think it is still sold in retail stores. This model is the Omega De Ville X2 Big Date. Seen here in steel, it also comes in in gold as well. I am a bit fascinated by the design as it is highly unusual compared to what people in the US think of when they consider Omega watches.

Leather strap Omega replica watches UK.

Familiar with the “California dial” that mixes Roman numerals on one side of the dial and Arabic ones on another? Well this watch plays with that concept in another watch. The “X2” for sample is Omega’s way of writing “12.” Just like “V1” is “6” (as opposed to VI). The watch design is actually quite simple aside from these whimsical elements and some “body cladding.” Take for instance the triangular extremities on the lugs and the applied metal hour markers. Without these and a few Omega De Ville series fake watches logos, this is a very basic watch. I still like the watch, and its basic nature is reflected in the price – which is not horrible by Omega standards. The watch also comes in a chronograph model and a sub seconds model.
At 35mm by 35mm, the case size is the biggest issue this watch has. It could really stand to be another couple of millimeters in diameter to satisfy the western crowd. Omega could get really creative with this design if it was maybe a 40 or 42mm wide square. It is likely that other versions of the watch might be larger – not totally sure. Of course the case uses as sapphire crystal and is 50m water resistant.

Big dial Omega De Ville fake watches UK.

Omega’s De Ville collection diving replica watches today is its nod to the art deco past. This piece makes that clear. I think the black dialed version with the crocodile strap is the most handsome, but the white dialed version certainly has its charms. Inside the watch is an Omega modified ETA movement that is likely a base 2896 big date automatic. Omega gives this “Caliber 26109 movement” their co-axial escapement, and COSC Chronometer certifies it. Price is about $4,000 and can be found for less online.

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