Cheap Replica Omega Seamaster Series Rio 2016 Limited Edition Watches UK

Look for a minute at your wedding ring. Do you like it? It’s hard to answer, right? And your answer, if you have one, is almost certainly less about whether you like the design or the material and a whole lot more about what it represents. It’s about the memories it holds. The person it reminds you of.

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I don’t mean to flake on this review (in the first paragraph, no less), but this is where I’m at with the Seamaster 300 “Rio 2016” Limited Edition I’ve had on my wrist this past glorious week. Seven days during which I fled a brutal Melbourne winter to land in balmy Rio de Janeiro to witness the world’s elite athletes compete at the Olympics. New friendships were formed, caipirinhas were consumed, wild carnivale dancing sessions occurred. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE. And throughout every precious minute, I was wearing this Omega Limited edtion replica watch. But, putting the bias of good times and good associations (which you can get a little blast of in the video at the end) aside, let’s talk about it.

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My first impression was… wow! Colour! Lots of it. The truth is I like colour on my  Omega colorful fake watches. I had a dive watch with a plain black bezel once. It didn’t last long. I like a bezel with a bit of pop, and the veritable party on the wrist presented by the colours of the Olympic Rings – sans black – on the ceramic bezel didn’t scare me one bit. Bring on the fun. The Seamaster 300 though, in general, reminds me of Pierce Brosnan. The association is hard-wired. Though that’s fairly irrelevant here, to be fair.
Once I put it on, it felt… comfortable. And that’s saying something, because I generally don’t like bracelets. There’s a reassuring weight to the piece and you can feel the raised type on the ‘Rio 2016’ caseback as you slide it on.

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