The Truth Of Magnificent UK Fake Omega Speedmaster Ref.105.003

You must have heard and read many stories and articles about perfect replica Omega Speedmaster and the moon landing, but you can’t believe everything on the internet. Not long ago, Mr. Petros Protopapas, the manager of the Omega Museum, met with a group of Speedmaster fans and shared the truth he got from the latest public archive of NASA.

Speedmaster has close relationship with great project of moon landing.
Popular Omega Speedmaster Copy Watches

Firstly, the Omega ref.105.003 copy with black dial doesn’t have the logo of “Professional” on the dial. But when had the special watches been suspended? Usually everyone said that production and sales were discontinued from the end of 1967 to the beginning of 1968, but according to research files, it has been produced since 1963, and the last order received by NASA was in the October of 1968. All these watches were used in the Apollo project.

Omega Speedmaster has gained many loyal fans.
Omega Speedmaster Copy With Steel Bracelet

Today’s model I will show you is very rare which features a gray dial. The first model that tested by NASA was ref.105.003 and the ref.105.003 without symbol of Professional was discontinued in 1968.

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