UK Special Watches Fake Omega Speedmaster 310. In Limited

Speedmaster Moon Watch must be the most popular and salable of Omega in 2019, because this year is the 50th anniversary of “Apollo 11”. Omega pushed out two special editions. In this post, I’d like to introduce the polished stainless steel copy Omega Speedmaster 310. watches to you.

The black dials copy watches are in limited.
Black Dials Copy Omega Speedmaster 310. Watches

The 42 mm replica watches have black dials and black bezels with Moonshine 18k gold details. On the sub-dial at 9 o’clock, there is pattern of Buzz Aldrin that he walks down the ladder.

Together, on the back, you can see pattern of Neil Armstrong’s footprint and his two famous words “THAT’S ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN” and “ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND”.

The limited fake watches are made from stainless steel.
Limited Fake Omega Speedmaster 310. Watches

The perfect watches fake Omega are in limited for 6,969 pieces. It is easier to buy this stainless steel edition than that Moonshine 18k gold edition.

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